Small Fry – Hobart

So incase you have been inside hibernating for a while now, it’s winter and with that comes a change for me, weddings for me don’t start back up till August so winter usually means a quieter time of year and doing more commercial and family type work – which is a nice change and time to sit down and work on what I produce and some behind the scenes things, something you just don’t get enough time for in the busy summer months ! I am sorry for the lack of blog updates but stay tuned for some new posts, updated website and blog are both on the “To Do” list !!

I got an email from a former groom just recently to let me know what has been happening in his world and to let me know that he and his brother were opening a new cafe in Hobart called Small Fry. I absolutely loved Bryn + Sheena’s wedding and could remember Bryn’s chef brother Rhys very well as I was so impressed with the food he was making around his brothers wedding weekend – I remember thinking “dam that food looks amazing” – so I was super keen to see what the new cafe was going to be like and capture some images for them to use.

Small Fry is a fantastic cafe, beautiful fit out and nothing but the best when it comes to how the place will operate and the food that is on offer, Rhys is the chef of the family and he does such a brilliant job ! Honestly I have never been excited or wanting more Granola – but after sampling some of the food we photographed I could not stop coming back to it, so much so that when I got home I went on the hunt to try and make my own version of it (nothing even close but as good as I could make).

So when next in Hobart give Small Fry a try, their ingredients are the best you will find and the cafe is very different as you will see – Ritual Coffee too my absolute favourite !!

Located a couple of blocks from the mall, 129 Bathurst Street – you will not  be disappointed !!!

Tapestry Dance Studio Concert

So as many of you might know I have two little girls in my family (Isobelle & Georgia) and both are involved in the Tapesty Dance Studio and LOVE IT. I have to admit I am not a big tap dancer nor have I really been interested in it, but watching my girls on stage and seeing the confidence that it has brought has really been amazing to witness and I am a real fan of kids giving it a go and having fun which is exactly what my girls get from performing.

Last weekend I was asked to photograph their mid-year concert and it was an awesome experience, seeing the amount of work that goes into it and how it really pays off is awesome and I couldn’t have been prouder when it was my girls turn to perform !!

There is so much talent in Launceston it  is not funny, well done to all who performed you were all excellent !!




The Terrace Hair Launceston

So my weddings for this past season have finished until September and I am now moving into the time of the year where I do a lot more commercial, corporate and family photos which makes for a nice change and varies my life up a lot.

My most recent couple of jobs I thought I might post up just to show some of the other type of work I love to do.

I love hair shoots and have done many over the years, they are a big day but really fun and I love to help create the style the salon is wishing to display,  this shoot is for the team at The Terrace Hair, in George Street Launceston.

An awesome day and the images are now on their TV ad which you might have already seen, here are a couple of my favourite shots from the day – hoping you all like them too and the change to see some different work from me …


Alex + Laura – Stunning Hobart Wedding

My last wedding for the season and what a way to finish off, the super good looking Alex + Laura were married in Hobart and I always love a good Hobart wedding, in fact I always have an awesome day when travelling down south for weddings !!

There was a little bit of nerves going on, but as is often the case as soon as they saw each other and the ceremony was over they really relaxed and let it show in the photos we captured.

Stunning wedding in every way guys! You really chose well with everything associated with your big day and I can’t wait to catch up and show you some more of the beautiful images we captured during the day, until then enjoy and talk soon….

Ceremony – Henry Jones Art Hotel

Reception – Peppermint Bay


Clinton + Elice

What a wedding, this was my second last for this season and it was a stunner filled with lots of laughs and two of the nicest, most beautiful people you will ever meet.

I had met up a few times with Elice so I felt like I knew her quite well, Clinton I only met the week prior to their big day but I can see why these two are right for each other – Elice is the most beautiful girl and has this infectious laugh that you can’t help but laugh along with – Clinton is a really nice guy, full of fun and and just the most down to earth person so put them together and you have a couple you would automatically like and fall in love with !

The weather forecast for the day was not promising and it rained all morning, but I still (touch wood) hold my record for no raining wedding days as it stopped halfway through the ceremony and we even got a rainbow for a few minutes – so I am not counting the morning’s weather..haha !! The colours out at Josef Chromy’s Vineyard was amazing I have never seen it look like that – it certainly made for a very different look !

Congratulations guys I loved your wedding and I can’t wait to show you more images from your big day after you return from your honeymoon, but until then here are a few sneak peaks to keep your excitement levels under control….

Ceremony & Reception – Josef Chromy Vineyard

Decorations & Styling –  Event Avenue

Brides Dress – Little White

Bridesmaids Dresses – Studio White

Celebrant – Barb Youd


F a c e b o o k