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Hey Guys,

So this has been a long time coming in terms of making this announcement, as I needed to let clients know first and then also to make sure everything was in place and things were actually happening right for us.

But it is with a huge amount of excitement, relief, stress and happiness that I wanted to let everyone know that I am moving interstate, off to the Sunshine Coast QLD. My family have been wanting to make a change for a few years and due to a very long list of reasons we have now made the decision and my wife and two girls are already up there settling in and have started the new school year.

I will remain in Launceston and finish off the weddings that I still have for this current season and then I will also move up to re-join my family and settle into our new life. I have met, worked with and photographed so many fantastic people over the 9 years I have been working as a photographer and really loved it all, but once I move I am not sure if I will continue on as a full time photographer, most likely I will have a bit of a change for a period of time and then decide what is best for both me and my family in keeping that work/life balance more even than it currently has been.

So once we had made the decision I then had the hard task of talking to Alex (my co-worker) of the last 5 years to see if he was ready to perhaps take over my role and the immediate response was that he was over the moon. Alex has worked with me on hundreds of weddings and in the past 3 years has been photographing his own weddings and doing an outstanding job on them, so I am thrilled that he will be taking over my role and working in the industry that he has spent the last 5 years within.

Alex brings of course his own unique style to photography, but is the closest person around to who I know could slot into the role with ease, if I was getting married it would be Alex I would want! Alex brings the experience, knowledge, passion and drive to take the business to the next level and I can’t wait to keep in touch and see how he progresses into the future years.

Everything will remain exactly the same in terms of packages, prices, quality, experience, drive and commitment to producing fantastic images, the only thing that might change down the track will be the business name of course, but the studio will remain on Hobart Rd and continue on also with Alex.

Thank you so much to all the passionate clients I have had over the past many years and I might see you around in the next few months, I can’t lie being away from my family for an extended period is very hard so I am really looking forward to being up there with them, but I will miss you all and wish you all the very best for a healthy and most importantly happy life well into the future !

Kind Regards




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